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The future of the internet is before our eyes

There are only two certainties in life; death and taxes, so they say. Then again, like all expressions of this kind there are many more than just two. A couple of phrases we should enshrine are 'change is the only constant' and 'some things never change'. By every measure we can imagine the rate of change in our lives has accelerated to an... Keep Reading


How to cheer yourself up on a wet and cold day

I'm a frequent stroller of Lambton Quay. In business it's commonly said that it's the best networking mile in the country. On most occasions these days, it's inevitable to see a street beggar or two huddled against a shop wall, head bowed, a scrawled message on cardboard and a container with a few coins. It's easy to walk by and content... Keep Reading


Interconnection is a key and its serendipity

Interconnection is assumed in the online world because of the easy opportunities to be connected. But at the same time we seem to be pushed into separate silos by the same opportunities and vastness of choice. In an age of wonderful connectivity, is it possible that the importance of genuine interconnection is frequently overlooked. For example, ho Keep Reading


The big questions for community building - how to learn to work together?

Community building is analogous to progress of the best kind. It implies that people in a shared community will work towards some common goals and with the benefit of some common working principles, despite the differences that may exist between groups and individuals. For example, for most fair minded people, improving education for young people i Keep Reading


Shine: The Porirua Education Initiative launches with a one-day flourish

It should go without saying that finding solutions to community challenges is made infinitely easier when people work together, rather than apart and in silos. But as I will often say, community building happens when enough people are prepared to actively engage. A great example of this took place last Friday in Porirua. The ingredients were there Keep Reading


A vision for growth in Hutt City

These things often pass the attention of most citizens, but when one considers the importance of community planning, such as Hutt City’s Urban Growth Strategy, it’s time more people got involved. “The strategy is about growing the city over the next 20 years to make it a desirable city,” say Mayor Ray Wallace. While the plan focuses on housing opti Keep Reading


New Zealand. From cowshed to watershed

We seem to be going through some kind of watershed in this country. It’s not clear yet whether it’s the dawning of an age of enlightenment, but some of the signs are promising. We have a government and Stephen Joyce, Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment (and Science and Innovation) seemingly prepared to raise the bar, and the government’ Keep Reading


An obsession turning into reality

A rule for blog writers to avoid is to talk “about yourself.” To be interesting, talk about the person you’re talking to. But “what the hell”. I’m excited about something we’re doing so I’m going to throw it out there anyway. Back in October... Keep Reading


5 tips to avoid the classic mistakes in social media

To cut to the chase, the 5 tips might surprise you, because they have little to do with using Facebook or mastering Twitter. It's a short list of the things I've observed to be the real barriers to even getting started with social media - you can se... Keep Reading


When communications get lost in translation

A favourite film of mine is Sofia Coppola's 2003 'Lost in Translation' starring Bill Murray. I won't get into the plot but, typical of Bill Murray movies, people either love it or hate it. In a sense it underlines a theme of the movie ... Keep Reading


Get out more and enjoy the freedom

At the beginning of this year I wrote a blog post 'The pressure is on in 2012 for social enterprise and fundraising'. I predicted the realities of receding big ticket fundraising (typically money from grants and Government) would hit many ... Keep Reading


Why? Good marketing hinges on just one word

A friend reminds me constantly that my favourite utterance is "serendipity". I guess it's because I'm so often struck by occurrences which seem to suddenly converge around a great truth or idea. An example. A recent discussion ... Keep Reading


Commitment and discipline is more important than ever in communications

I made the effort last night to put in an appearance at my gym for a bit of overdue exercise. I find that if I make a regular effort I can maintain a healthy level of fitness and if I put in even more effort, I can even increase my fitness fairly easily... Keep Reading


Why genuine creative thinking beats group thinking

Frank Capra once said, “a hunch is creativity trying to tell you something.” The ability to problem solve is critical for most organisations and businesses, and I offer my 4 thoughts on how to achieve it for your organisation. It might ... Keep Reading


Dating can be tough for poor communicators

A good recent post in Katya’s non-profit Marketing Blog reminded me of an episode from my past. Some years back I did a period of part-time tutoring at my old alumni, Massey University. Every week I would trundle myself off to a thoroughly ... Keep Reading

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