New Zealand. From cowshed to watershed


We seem to be going through some kind of watershed in this country. It’s not clear yet whether it’s the dawning of an age of enlightenment, but some of the signs are promising. We have a government and Stephen Joyce, Minister of Business, Innovation and Employment (and Science and Innovation) seemingly prepared to raise the bar, and the government’ Keep Reading


It's your thoughts that count - in leadership


So much is written about leadership. But what qualities do true leaders really display? There's lots of complex corporate jargon written about leadership, but I think it's simpler than that. I believe that a true leader walks the talk and leads by example. I think you can pick them a mile off. Keep Reading


An obsession turning into reality


A rule for blog writers to avoid is to talk “about yourself.” To be interesting, talk about the person you’re talking to. But “what the hell”. I’m excited about something we’re doing so I’m going to throw it out there anyway. Back in October... Keep Reading