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A rule for blog writers to avoid is to talk “about yourself.” To be interesting, talk about the person you’re talking to.

But “what the hell”. I’m excited about something we’re doing so I’m going to throw it out there anyway.

Back in October we launched our Flightdec Communities website and began the next phase of online community building discovery. We’d already demo tested a broadcast of content from one website to another – a little like an Alexander Graham Bell moment with the first phone call... maybe!
The reality of having the website functionality at our fingertips has been momentous for us. Suddenly the theory of planning a genuine online community platform became tangible and we had to rethink much of what it could deliver for people and communities.

So who knows where this might take us. Of course we have our plans but the positive way people are responding and how they plan to use Flightdec is encouraging and exciting.

This is how we characterise an obsession we call Flightdec Communities.

Why? To constantly challenge the status quo of the established internet to deliver more.
What? To help people more easily and productively build relationships, share knowledge, find resources, develop assets, advance ideas, make sales and promote themselves and others, through the internet.
How? We build and support high quality and hyper-connected websites which create mutually supporting clusters and active communities.

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Fraser Carson is a thinker, problem solver, innovator and commentator. He has particular experience and interest in marketing, communications and social media. In 2012 he launched, a radical new concept to build online communities. 

An obsession turning into reality

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