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Interconnection is a key and its serendipity


Interconnection is assumed in the online world because of the easy opportunities to be connected. But at the same time we seem to be pushed into separate silos by the same opportunities and vastness of choice.

In an age of wonderful connectivity, is it possible that the importance of genuine interconnection is frequently overlooked. For example, how well do we understand its importance in innovation and invention? Joseph Henrich at the Departments of Psychology, and Economics at the University of British Columbia has conducted numerous studies on innovation and highlights the importance of interconnectedness to inventiveness and innovation, for example in this paper ‘Why societies vary in their rates of innovation.’

Despite all this, interconnection is a word on many lips. This serendipity must surely be because certain conditions are beginning to align and people begin to think in similar ways?

Let’s take a couple of things I’ve read in recent days. Peter Kerr’s stick blog ‘Magritek looking to be less lonely’ picked up on the company’s news about receiving cornerstone shareholding from investment company Rangatira. In the post was this – “It’s lonely being a sole participant in this space, and as managing director Andrew Coy (Magritek) says, having others with which war stories, R&D efforts and other combined operations can be shared would be extremely useful."

Over at Callaghan Innovation they’ve just launched their Statement of Intent. It has ideas about building networks and notions of fostering connectivity. Of particular interest to me and the Technology Valley Working Group is a statement under the heading, ‘Avatar Project’. It goes on to say that, “Avatar will enable a dynamic virtual community of firms and service providers to connect with each other and share information and ideas.”

Given that the Flightdec Communities online platform (including Technology Valley Online and this website) is a move towards a New Zealand based step-change in online interconnection, we will be seeking to interconnect with Callaghan Innovation on the subject. I’ll keep you posted.

Interconnection is a key and its serendipity

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