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If you think of your website like it's a piece of important real estate, it's likely you'll begin to see it rather more like a shop or cafe – a place where it's important to attract visitors.

Perhaps too few website owners view their site in this way. If we did, we'd surely consider the downside of a languishing website and the benefits of having many more visitors.

Of course not all websites are run for business purposes. But in a sense, most uses websites are put to have a mission and purpose which demands a strategy and focus on measurable results.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an art and science that is often deserving of professional advice and support, but for many website owners there are some important but basic things they can do themselves – see our ADVISOR page More website traffic.

Think of your website like a business

Recently we conducted an investigation into online communities and discovered that many orgaisations that regard themselves as a community have no idea about the true costs of building and maintaining websites within a spread community of sites. The implication is that because the online space lacks strategic focus and understanding, this important tool is not achieving anything approaching its potential.

I think it helps us to treat our websites more sensibly when we use the analogy of 'real estate'. Getting more of the right traffic to a website is a benefit for most sites, so it makes sense to put in place programmes that expect to achieve that.

Of course in the past we were forced to rely only on traditional methods to get people to our shop – but it could be expensive and hit-and-miss. Now with online methods of building Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with website techniques, and online and social media methods, we have some very cost-efficient and incremental ways to build serious value into our websites. See our ADVISOR page More website traffic.

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