Kite festival spectacular again


The best array of kites to hit Ōtaki Beach were on show with spectacular effect at the weekend. The eighth annual Ōtaki Kite Festival on February 8-9 drew huge crowds again – estimated at more than 20,000 – who strolled along the beach among the kites, flew their own kites, went for a swim, browsed the stalls and listened to the on-stage... Keep Reading


CRATE Reggae: Chanting down Babylon in local communities


Ever since Bob Marley bought his Babylon by Bus tour to Auckland in 1979, Aotearoa New Zealand and Oceania have adopted Roots Reggae as a part of our musical culture. Marley’s music, which focuses on the everyday experience and aspirations of ordinary people, immediately appealed to Oceanians from all walks of life. Reggae uses Rastafarian m... Keep Reading


The case for funding creative arts in the community


The case for funding creative arts in the community. Opinion: If anything is going to spark a fire in the heart of Dr Molly Mullen, it's a discussion about the importance of funding community arts. Keep Reading


ANZACATA Creative Gathering symposium


The Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association held their annual symposium for creative arts therapists to network and rejuvenate in an environment that facilitates the exchange of ideas. The symposium provided opportunities to share knowledge and creativity with one another; friends and family, and with the wider... Keep Reading


Otago Girls' High School set to be a resounding success


Read more about the opening of Anne Frank in Dunedin Keep Reading


Marketing sends soap down a slippery slope


Last month I looked at the early history of soap making. I will pick up the story with the beginnings of the industrial-scale production of soap in the 1700s. The soap-making reaction (saponification) forms glycerine, a natural emollient and moisturiser. With large-scale production soap manufacturers started to remove the glycerine from soap as... Keep Reading


New promotional brochure available online here


  Me huri whakamuri, ka titiro whakamua - utilising our past to inform our future. Elevate Ōtaki has published a colourful new brochure about our unique town. It's a celebration of what the town is about, where we've come from and hints at where we're going. We’re a town with a great community spirit and where te reo Māori is comm... Keep Reading


Eighteen months of Anne Frank in New Zealand


Discover how many visitors and locations in New Zealand the exhibition has impacted over the past eighteen months. Keep Reading


Spring into Tawa - 65 days to go!


News story - update Keep Reading


Kites a big part of promotions group activities


The world-famous Ōtaki Kite Festival is organised by the Ōtaki Promotions Group, but that's not all the group does. Keep Reading


Using drama to connect with Auckland’s homeless


I imagine like many middle class, older Aucklanders, I’ve felt confronted and uncomfortable walking amid the large numbers of homeless who now live and sleep on our streets. Keep Reading


Christmas Rant


Christmas Keep Reading


Less than 55 days to go!


News post - less than 55 days to go Keep Reading


Applications now open!


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Applications now open!

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