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My day - and the three big social media trends for fundraisers


I’ve often firmly advised myself that trends are never to be robotically followed. A “trend” suggests that it’s “here-today, gone-tomorrow” so should automatically be treated with scepticism.

But what if a trend is not so much “trendy” as it is a genuine trend that will shape our future? And what if a trend is something that reinforces a fundamental fact from our past?

Today I conducted a short workshop session for Hospice fundraisers and the first trend discussed was “In social media, regular engagement with your audience is critical”. UPDATE: At the bottom of the page I've also loaded the two FINZ Powerpoints conducted on the following day.

Is this a trend when relationships have always been built on the quality and frequency of interaction? Is it a trend when the ability to conduct conversations, tell good stories and ask great questions has always been the centre-piece of effective communications and community development?

Maybe it just seems this way because social media has reintroduced us to the importance of personal engagement again, after years of remote-controlled mass communications.

For the benefit of today’s workshop attendees, some notes and useful links follow:

The three big social media trends for fundraisers

  • Regular engagement with your audience is critical
  • Sharing images on Instagram & Pinterest gets traction
  • Advertising is becoming more important than ever on Facebook & Twitter


POWERPOINT: The three big social media trends for fundraisers

ARTICLE: In fundraising, the digital marketing space can be rich pickings for storytellers.

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LINK: Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video As Part Its Communications Strategy 

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POWERPOINT: Developing an online strategy for fundraising

POWERPOINT: Creating an innovative culture to support fundraising


Fraser Carson is grateful to have the opportunity to share knowledge and ideas through this blog. He is the founding director of, The Crowd, and Fraser is a marketer and communications expert, and a developer and commentator on online and community building issues with a particular interest and involvement in the Collective Impact method of working cooperatively.

My day - and the three big social media trends for fundraisers

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